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Submitted on
September 14, 2009


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An inspiring collection of work from the DA community over the past few months. The intention is mainly to send some more views their way so we can fully appreciate the work they show and also to inspire those of you who are looking for inspiration - these are some of the most inspiring shots I've come across whilst browsing in July.
The main intention of these works is to send some views to under appreciated galleries or inspiring popular works and to inspire the viewer.

I am aware that some of these already have a number of favourties, this is quite hard to avoid now DeviantART is a popular community. I still look for unknown work over popular, so please if you have any recommendations for the future please note me here at my account.

:thumb136810292: :thumb111142706: Sundays by Toeps :thumb128028228: rege by stefa-zozokovich
:thumb136762413: vvm by Santina :thumb136869359: Do birds dream III by mirabiliaimages Afternoon, tired and thirsty by Felilly
:thumb136882591: Patrycja 5 by altowiolistka where no endings end by micmojo My inner child just killed ... by WildRainOfIceAndFire :thumb130165582:
Red Is Black by andriazmo Sense by Furrrka Basic Elements: Fear by KatjaFaith :thumb132228129: I by MichaelMagin
Hollow by aR-Ka barrel of a gun. by indiae Ewa B. by franekchrzonszcz sangue rappreso by RedRiBBoNinYouRhAiR Virginia by Alcholado
:thumb93230736: Merry-Go-Round. by ElifKarakoc Elle by Alcholado :thumb126345703: I Love To Hurt by kosmodisk
Ses mysteres d'Istanbul by ennil Karoline_001 by hellwoman :thumb117301807: my fair lady VII by robinpika x woman by kaunau
:thumb132195243: diamonds are forever. by indiae the Great Below_2 by Rilrae The Evil Issue IV by Alcholado Black by vejitatoja
qrg by stefa-zozokovich my same by muszka :thumb99409880: :thumb95789697: riders in the sun by KimberleyCamilleri
ho ho ho. by angelcurls :thumb126932775: missing by SireNa7 Glitter by jenarose ...eyelashes breathing by oprisco
:thumb115250673: Patrycja No 15 by franekchrzonszcz love by oprisco No 2 by Styush Glance by Maurizio-Fantini
Your Embrace I by MichaelMagin du0 by Santina ekkt by stefa-zozokovich 90s by alinashamalova the everlasting now by micmojo

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all amazing work =) thanks for sharing xx
sollena Nov 25, 2009  Professional Photographer
wonderful collection and amazing pieces of art
The human body is such a wonderous thing.

Great selection.
It¡'s fantastic! ^^
PaulChristey Oct 8, 2009
lovely collection ;)
mi-ch-i Oct 3, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
some nice ones

i havent been on the first page with it and i'm thankful you did like it. :heart:
jadhav Sep 27, 2009
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